RUSSIA-INDIA-CHINA. CONTINUATION OF SCIENTIFIC-PRACTICAL DIALOGUE To participants in the 7th Trilateral Conference of Russian, Indian and Chinese Scholars S. Lavrov 1 Press Release of the 7th Trilateral Conference of Russian, Chinese and Indian Scholars   1 Scientific Dialogue: Third Round (7th Trilateral Conference of Political Scholars of Russia, India and China) S. Uyanaev 4 RUSSIAN-CHINESE FRIENDSHIP SOCIETY 50 YEARS OLD Russian-Chinese Friendship Society 50 Years Old 8   POLITICS Russia and China's Collaboration in the International Arena I. Rogachev 13 USA-PRC-Russia: The "Triangle" 35 Years on A. Davydov 24 The Influence of the Factor of Energy Security on Foreign Policy of the PRC in Central Asia A. Nagiyev 45 RUSSIAN FAR EAST The Russian Far Eastern Region and the APR: Trading Prospects E. Devaeva and T. Kotova 52 Territory-Specific Behavior in Russia's Far East: Economic and Sociological Analysis A. Zavalishin 61 ECONOMICS China Takes to the Air: Successes and Challenges A. Plotnikov 78 China and Japan: Partners and Rivals in East Asia M. Potapov 86 HISTORY Archimandrite Fr. Iakinf (Nikita Yakovlevich Bichurin), Outstanding Russian Sinologist, on the 230th Anniversary of His Birth Huang Liliang 95 Lessons of the Korean Crisis of 1968 V. Tkachenko 112 RUSSIANS IN CHINA The Legal Status of Russians in Manchuria (the 1920s) V. Sergienko and E. Aurilene 135 INFORMATION The Fifth International Congress of Asian Scholars V. Portyakov 145 BOOK REVIEWS Russia-China: Educational Reforms at the Turn of the 20th Century. Comparative Analysis A. Ostrovsky 148 E. P. Bazhanov. China: From the Middle Kingdom to a 21st Century Superpower A. Volokhova 158 Abe ...

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