In This Issue   1 ECONOMICS CIS: Fifteen Years of Efforts in Vain Yu. Shishkov 3 The Price of China's Economic Upsurge V. Gelbras 18 HISTORY Declassification of Documents in the State Archives of the RF (1991 - 2006) T. Pavlova 33 PHILOLOGY The National Corpus of the Russian Language A. Moldovan 42 The Problem of Genre in Bakhtin "School" (Mikhail Bakhtin, Pavel Medvedev, Valentin Voloshinov) V. Zakharov 49 PHILOSOPHY/POLITICAL Conservative Revolution in Post-Soviet Russia: Overview of the Main Ideas V. Senderov 63 PSYCHOLOGY Paternal Role in Gender Identity Differentiation N. Kharlamenkova 82 SOCIOLOGY Natural Environment and Modernization of Russia M. Yelchaninov 96 Centralization of Power and Localization of Environmental Policy O. Aksyonova 105 BOOK REVIEWS I. Economics Yu. Rubin. Competition: Ordered Professional Business Interaction G. Kleyner 116 II. History History of Stalin's Gulag. Late 1920s-First Half of the 1950s M. Kolerov 122 S. Khromov. Foreign Concessions in the USSR. Historical Essay A. Igolkin 131 III. Philology V. Podoroga. Mimesis: Essays in Analytical Anthropology of Literature; G. Amelin. Lectures on the Philosophy of Literature; I. Smirnov. Genesis: Philosophical Essays in Sociocultural Origination S. Zenkin 136 M. Spivak. Andrey Bely, a Mystic and a Soviet Writer N. Bogomolov 146 IV Philosophy Siny Divan (Blue Sofa) Journal Ye. Zayats 150 V Political Science China in the 21st Century: Globalization of Security Interests Ya. Berger 157 VI. Psychology A. Petrovsky. Psychology and Time M. Kondratyev 163 VII. Sociology V. Levashov. Sociopolitical Dynamics of Russian Society (2000 - 2006) G. Osipov 166 ...

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