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Yu. Shishkov: "The futility of the attempts to reintegrate the CIS countries was predetermined from the very beginning by a number of objective circumstances, still unfortunately ignored by the heads of the former Soviet Union's successor states."

V. Gelbras: "In China the authorities have always clearly circumscribed the range of themes and subjects that could be elucidated and discussed. All debate proceeds within strict limits. Therefore (...) in examining the diverse processes taking place in that country one feels a constant acute deficit of analysis of current reality... While not purporting to provide an exhaustive analysis we shall try to sort out the real and imagined achievements of China and thus gain an insight into the complex of problems and contradictions that arose in the course of the country's dynamic development and in the context of globalization."

T. Pavlova: "The Archival Fund of the Russian Federation is part of the nation's information resources and, as of January 1, 2004 it contained over 214 million items of which 40.9 million are in federal archives. One of the real gains of Russian democracy ... was the overcoming of the all-pervading cult of secrecy in the state and society, the lifting of censorship restrictions and the opening up of archives, above all those of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU), which were previously inaccessible to users."

A. Moldovan: "...a language corpus is an electronic collection of texts notated in such a way as to be able to find quickly words and structures with given grammatical and other characteristics. A national corpus, in accordance with tradition, is the largest and most representative corpus characterizing the language of a given country as a whole. At present most of the largest languages of the world have their own corpora... Our national corpus is comparable to them in the volume of texts (today it includes 140 million word ...

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