GEOPOLITICS AND SECURITY Non-Nuclear Deterrence V.M. Burenok, O.B. Achasov 1 Apropos the Concepts of Internal Armed Conflict Resolution through the Use of Military Force A.I. Kalistratov 7 On International Legal Qualifications of Information Operations   15 The Impact of Wars on Russia's Development and Its Role in the World V.V. Kirillov 25 FORCE DEVELOPMENT The Role of Infrastructure in Raising the Efficiency of Missile Armament V.I. Zakharov, A. V. Sokolov 40 Main Trends of Development of Air Force Logistics Support System G.M. Lobachev, V.I. Pavlov 49 MILITARY ART Coastal Defense and Anti-Amphibious Landing Operations L. V. Boykov 54 MILITARY TECHNICAL POLICY On Some Principles of Development of System of Arms and Substantiation of State Armament Program V.M. Burenok 64 Improvement of the Test Complex of the Russian Defense Ministry V.M. Burenok, L.V. Stakhlich 70 How Military Spending Influences National Economy G.A. Lavrinov 74 State Regulation of Prices for Defense Products N.F. Arkhipov, D.N. Bakhanovich, G.A. Lavrinov 81 Concept of "Balanced System of Armaments" Revisited A.V.Muntyanu, Yu. A. Pechatnov, R.T. Tagirov 88 Mobile Underwater Robots: Their Part in Navy Missions M.R. Gizitdinova, S.M. Cherkasov 94 Methodical Basis of Feasibility Studies of Military Aviation Projects Under the State Armaments Program A. V. Kasatkin, I.V.Kovynev 101 MILITARY THEORY AND PRACTICE How to Develop the Theory of Combat Operations Engineer Support L.G. Zhukovsky, A.M. Slyusarev 104 Evaluating the Role of Human Factor in Military Decision-Making G. V. Bocharov, U.S. Duminike, M. A. Gorshkov 112 Intellectualization of Electronic Warfare Control as an Important Way of Raising EW Efficiency Yu.E. Donskov, V.Yu. Khramov, P.N. Besedin 118 Topical Issues ...

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