The 90th Anniversary of the Voennaia Mysl' Journal   1 GEOPOLITICS AND SECURITY The Role, Place, and Mission of the RF Internal Troops in Ensuring State Security V.P. Baranov 15 On a New Approach to Analysis of Modern Confrontation and Other Problems V.V. Babich 24 State Information Policy in Regard to Defense: Initial Definition D.P. Prudnikov 35 MILITARY ART Employment of Combined-Arms Formations in the Elimination of Natural and Man-Made Disasters I.N. Vorobyov, V.A. Kiselev 41 Assessment of the Army Air Defense Forces' Command and Control Efficiency at the Stages of Advancement and Combat Engagement S.S. Shepelevich 48 Tendencies in the Development of Combined-Arms Combat Tactics V.A. Subbotin, A.M. Shavelkin 53 ARMED FORCES INFORMATIZATION A Verbal Model of the Army Command and Control Infosphere: Which Resources Are Available V.R. Grin' 60 On the Improvement of Command and Control System G.I. Metlitsky, Yu.E. Zaitsev 71 MILITARY THEORY AND PRACTICE Essence and Mechanism of Laws of Warfare as Expressed Mathematically M.F. Vakkaus 77 Hydrometeorological Support of Air-to-Surface Precision Weapons and Their Tactical Employment Ye.A. Tishkovets 85 On the Prospective Digital Communication Network of the RF Armed Forces E. A. Perov, A. V. Pereverzev 89 Development of the Modern Satellite Communications System V.I. Shinkarev 95 Development of a Field Communication System on the Basis of New Telecommunication Technologies N.V. Seleznev 104 Providing Troops with Armament and Military Equipment: Planning Issues G.I. Cherniavsky, Yu.V.Plakhov, A.N. Burykin 109 Electronic Warfare and Its Present-Day Problems V.I. Kuznetsov, V.N. Povetko 113 How to Prepare Forces for Combat Operations in a High-Technology Armed Conflict K.A. Trotsenko 121 Remote Combat Engagement ...

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