Military Communication Institute: History and Today

Author: E. V. LVOV

Maj. Gen. E. V. LVOV, Chief of RFMoD 16th CSRTI, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Candidate of Military Sciences, Honored Communication Worker of RF

Evgeniy Viktorovich LVOV was born on November 24, 1955. He finished the Tula Higher Artillery Engineering School in the specialty "Automated System of the Army Management" (1979), Higher Courses under the General Staff Academy (1997). Served in the Main Computer Center of the General Staff Academy of the RF Armed Forces. Between 1996 and 2006, he was chief of the RF MoD 17th Central Design Institute for Communication. Since March 2006, he has been Chief of the 16th Central Scientific Research and Testing Institute of the RF Ministry of Defense.

He is the author of more than 80 scientific works.

PRESENT progress in telecommunications is possible due to creative work of several generations of scientists and engineers from various research institutes, design bureaus and industries. The RF MoD Order of the Red Star 16th Central Scientific Research and Testing Institute named after A.I. Belov, Marshal of the Communication Corps (16th CSRTI of RF MoD) is worth special appreciation. It was founded 85 years ago and became one of the first Red Army scientific institutions and the first scientific and research institute of communications in the country.

The Institute's long-time activity has been closely integrated to the history of Communication Corps development, the early period of which was mainly focused on building communications equipment. The importance of research and testing in this sphere forced looking for a suitable scientific institute. The Military Technical Council for Communication (established under the Red Army

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Administration of Communication in 1920), recommended the Military Radio Technical Laboratory (MRTL), founded in the city of Saratov in 1918, as the most appropriate one (headed by A.T. Uglov).

In September 1918, MRTL moved from Saratov to Moscow. In May 1919, ...

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