In This Issue   1 ECONOMICS The Theory of Economic Transformation As a Research Program L. Yevstigneyeva, R. Yevstigneyev 3 HISTORY Relations between the Soviet Union and the Polish People's Republic (1944 - 1989) N. Bukharin 17 The Ottoman Empire and the Northwestern Caucasus A. Cheucheva 30 PHILOLOGY Exact and Mathematical Methods in Linguistics and Other Humanities A. Gladky 45 The Phenomenon of the Russian Travels to Europe: Genesis and Literary Genre G. Tieme 62 PHILOSOPHY Modern Ethnodeterminism and Aspects of Its Philosophical Critique N. Avtonomova 79 POLITICAL SCIENCE The Concept of the Political in the Context of Phenomenological Critique of the Philosophy of History M. Fyodorova 93 PSYCHOLOGY The Main Tendencies in Psychological Investigations Conducted by the Institute of Psychology of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) A. Zhuravlyov 109 SOCIOLOGY Successful Economic Actors: Adaptive and Protest Behavior in a Field of Lawlessness M. Shabanova 129 BOOK REVIEWS I. Economics V. Makarov, G. Kleyner. Microeconomics of Knowledge A. Gaponenko 145 Nonstandard Employment in Russia's Economy I. Denisova 149 II. History Geopolitical Factors in Russia's Foreign Policy: Second Half of the 16th-Early 20th Centuries P. Cherkasov 153 S. Rudneva. The Preparliament: October 1917. An Attempt at Historical Reconstruction A. Nikolayev 159 III. Philology Russia and the West at the Beginning of the New Millennium V. Skvoznikov 161 IV. Philosophy V. Troitsky. A Study of the Life and Works of A. Losev O. Yermishin 165 V. Political Science L. Grinin. The State and the Historical Process D. Bondarenko, A. Korotayev 168 VI. Sociology Glasnost ...

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