Withdrawal of Chinese Volunteers


Withdrawal of Chinese Volunteers

THE DECISION of the Korean-Chinese side to withdraw all Chinese people's volunteers in 1958 is an important step towards a Korean settlement. It promotes a further easing of tension in the Far East and throughout the world. This decision, and also the statement of the Soviet Government in support of it, has therefore been acclaimed by the world public.

The Chinese Jenminjihpao, welcoming the Soviet Government's statement, says that a peaceful settlement of the Korean question is an urgent matter. All the countries concerned should agree to a conference and thereby ensure favourable

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conditions and guarantee that the Korean people themselves will settle their own affairs. The paper stresses that all states and peoples interested in peace in the Far East and throughout the world should carefully examine the proposals of the Korean, Chinese and Soviet Governments and take effective steps to solve the Korean problem.

The Korean people warmly welcome the Soviet statement. The Nodon Sinmun writes that the Party of Labour and the Korean people thank the Soviet Union, Korea's best friend, for its great support. The Minju Choson says that the time has come when the United States and all the other countries who sent their troops to South Korea should heed the voice of the peoples and clearly define their stand before the world public.

The decision to withdraw the Chinese volunteers is the subject of much comment in India. The Navbharat Times points out that "in India this news will be received with great pleasure... . After this it will not be unreasonable for North Korea to desire to see South Korea completely free of foreign troops, and the reunification of the two parts of the country". "The entire world", Hindustan Times declares, "is grateful to the Korean-Chinese side for its initiative directed towards the reunification of Korea."

Japan, ...

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