Road to Suicide


Road to Suicide

THE ATLANTIC strategists have tried to throw a veil of secrecy over the implementation of the decisions to set up missile bases in Western Europe taken by the NATO Council last December. Many Western leaders also prefer to steer clear of this ticklish subject in their public statements. But even the bits of information that seep through in the press show that Washington is working overtime to build up a "rocket arc for Europe".

On February 24, the public learned that an Anglo-American agreement had been signed providing for the construction of missile bases in Great Britain. Speaking in the House of Commons, the Defence Minister, Duncan Sandys, refused to state the number and location of these bases. The American United Press reported that four bases are to be set up, but the Dally Express claims that the figure will be not four, but 20.

The well-informed New York Times followed up the news of the agreement with the highly significant comment that it would probably be a model for agreements with other countries. At the end of February the U.S. Defence Secretary, McElroy, told the House Foreign Affairs Committee that the United 'States was negotiating with a number of countries regarding the implementation of the NATO Council decision.

No one in Europe doubts that talks behind closed doors are being conducted with France, the Netherlands, Italy, Turkey and a number of other countries. At the beginning of March the British press reported that the NATO military committee had recommended the establishment of IRBM bases in France, the Netherlands and Italy and also the arming of the Bundeswehr with tactical nuclear weapons.

The building of missile bases is in full swing in West Germany. "It is no longer a military secret that Rheinland-Pfalz has really been turned into ... a nuclear weapon arsenal," wrote the West German Sozlaldemokratischer Pressedlenst. At least ...

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