Author: Vadim ROZANOV



THE BRIEF but quite eventful history, prospects, opportunities and significance of cooperation in the Barents region at regional and all-Europe level have become the object of constant study for the Norwegian scientific community.

Within the framework of this study, the Fridtjof Nansen Institute and the International Peace Research Institute have held a seminar on Barents cooperation. The seminar, which took place at the Norwegian Academy of Sciences in November 1993, conceived the idea of generalising the substance of the papers read by the participants and the results of research and offering a comprehensive analysis of this new form of regional cooperation. That was how the book The Barents Region: Cooperation in Arctic Europe was brought out. The Norwegians went beyond national bounds by asking RF Foreign Minister Andrei Kozyrev to set out Moscow's vision of the problem. The book also includes articles by other foreign authors.

The articles contributed by Norwegian scholars demonstrate once again not only their intimate knowledge of the theme of Barents cooperation but their comprehension of the political, economic, and social situation in Russia's northwest. Nor is this surprising because the adjoining Russian region, primarily the Murmansk and Arkhangelsk Regions, are seen in Norway as promising for bilateral economic cooperation. Hence the effort that is made there to keep track of developments and offer the government and business circles timely recommendations. The papers delivered to the seminar and the results of research give a fairly clear idea of what the new form of regional cooperation in Northern Europe is like, how work at state-to-state and national level is organised and how it correlates with the work of other European organisations.

The materials put together in the book probably cover all the main aspects of Barents cooperation. They disclose the historical prerequisites for coastal trade and the substance of this concept. I would like ...

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