The Peace Treaty with Italy

Author: G. Takhnenko


The Peace Treaty with Italy

G. Takhnenko

In February, 1997, it will be 50 years since the day of the signing of peace treaties concluded by the powers who won World War II, that is, the Soviet Union, the USA, Great Britain, and France, with the former allies of Hitler's Germany, Italy, Finland, Bulgaria, Hungary, and Romania. Thus, the line was drawn in regard to a tragic period of history of a number of states, and traits of their future participation in world society were determined.

A retrospective look at the peripeteia in the preparation of, and first steps towards, the realization of the peace treaties of 1947 makes it possible to imagine a picture of the interweaving of international interests under conditions when a crisis was ending through the acceptance of such fundamental documents. In this regard, the tension of passions accompanying the conclusion of the Peace Treaty with Italy, the only one of the three countries of the "axis Berlin-Rome-Tokyo" with which such a wide-reaching document was signed, is highly representative. The publication was prepared in accordance with materials of the Archive of Foreign Policy of the Russian Federation.

Formation of relations between Moscow and Rome

Diplomatic relations between Italy and the USSR were established in February, 1924. On the day when Hitler's aggression began against the USSR, June 22, 1941, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Italy announced Italy's declaration of war against the Soviet Union.

On July 10, 1943, troops of the USA and of Great Britain landed in Sicily, and on August 19th of the same year, the Prime Minister of Italy, P. Badoglio, began talks with the allies about the end of military actions. The governments of the USA and of Great Britain conducted a separate policy at that time on the Italian question, which gave J. Stalin grounds to write in letters ...

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