(On the 20th Anniversary of the Soviet Afro-Asian Solidarity Committee]


The peoples of Asia and Africa have scored outstanding successes in their struggle for independence, freedom and sovereignty.

The political rule of colonialists is now actually coming to its end in Asia and Africa as a result of a powerful anti-imperialist national liberation movement.

The peoples of the newly independent states have entered a new stage—that of the struggle for strengthening their sovereignty, developing the national economy, and carrying out social and democratic transformations. In the Report to the 25th Congress of the CPSU, Leonid Brezhnev said: "Glancing at the picture of the modern world one cannot help noticing the important fact that the influence of states that only recently were colonies or semi-colonies has grown considerably.

"It may definitely be said about the majority of them that they are defending their political and economic rights against imperialism with mounting energy, striving to consolidate their independence and to raise the social, economic and cultural level of their peoples."

The successes of the national liberation movement are largely due to the enhancing political activity and unity of the Asian and African peoples themselves, the growing solidarity and closer interaction of all the progressive and peaceloving forces of the present day, and the allround support and assistance of the USSR and other socialist countries.

The heroic national liberation struggle against colonialism, the policy of exploitation and war has given rise to some major international democratic movements, notably, the Asian and African Peoples' Solidarity Organisation (AAPSO), and the Soviet Afro-Asian Solidarity Committee, established 20 years ago, in May 1956, is one of its active contingents.

The Soviet Solidarity Committee speaks on behalf of all the Soviet peoples, who take a firm stand against the infamous system of colonialism and oppression. It has been doing its best to ...

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