Dr. Jénos Berecz, Barâti Szovetségben. A magyar-szovjet kapcsolatok torténetébôl, Budapest. Magyar-Szovjet, Barati Târsasâg, Kossuth Kônyvkiadô, 1972, 150 pp.

Dr. Janos Berecz, In Fraternal Alliance. From the History of Hungarian-Soviet Relations, Budapest, the Hungarian-Soviet Friendship Society, Kossuth Publishers, 1972, 150 pp.

The book under review, basing itself on a great number of documents, including those published for the first time, deals with the development of friendship an4 cooperation between Hungary and the Soviet Union. It traces the emergence and strengthening of Soviet-Hungarian internationalist ties which have played an important part in the modern history of Hungary. In the introduction to the book the author stresses: "The attitude

page 102


to ttie Soviet Union has been the pivotal question in the history of Hungary since the October Revolution" (p. 5). Tens of thousands of sons and daughters of the Hungarian working people were active participants in the Great October Socialist Revolution, and helped defend the socialist gains in Soviet Russia. The appeal, addressed by the newly-born Hungarian Soviet Republic to Hungarian prisoners-of-war in Soviet Russia, was permeated with the spirit of internationalism and solidarity with the world's first socialist state: "You fought under Red Banners when the old system still prevailed in Hungary; you already came to know proletarian solidarity when here, in our Motherland, the workers' revolution only began; you are the pride of the international proletariat, you were the heralds of the Hungarian revolution" (p. 27).

The Soviet-Hungarian cooperation on Party and state levels during the 133 days of the existence of the Hungarian Soviet Republic (from March 21 to August 1,1919) constituted an example of relations of a new type, unknown to the capitalist world, an example of internationalism in action, the principled and practical lessons of which, as the author stresses, are still of value today. The book vividly shows that V. I. Lenin very attentively followed the ...

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