Diplomatic Relations Resumed

Author: V. VANIN

Diplomatic Relations Resumed

On April 16, 1970, a communiqué on the resumption of diplomatic relations between the Soviet Union and Venezuela was issued simultaneously in Moscow and Caracas. An understanding on normalisation had been reached in the course of talks in New York between the Soviet and Venezuelan Permanent Representatives at the United Nations.

Diplomatic relations between the USSR and Venezuela were first established on March 14, 1945, when many governments throughout the world, including Latin American countries, enthusiastic over the Soviet people's heroic feat in crushing Nazi Germany's gigantic war machine, expressed readiness to maintain diplomatic and consular ties with the Soviet Union.

But when, under the Jimenez military dictatorship, the Venezuelan police allowed provocative acts against the Soviet Embassy in June 1952, the Soviet government was obliged to recall its diplomats from Caracas and break off diplomatic relations with Venezuela.

When Perez Jimenez was overthrown in 1958, a movement to resume diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union started in Venezuela, despite strong resistance from the US-backed section of the country's ruling circles.

The 1968 election campaign gave striking evidence of public feeling in favour of normalising Soviet-Venezuelan relations as soon as possible.

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In their bid for votes, all presidential candidates took this into account and entered as planks in their election platforms promises to resume trade and diplomatic ties with the socialist countries, the Soviet Union above all. Social Christian Party candidate Rafael Caldera made indicative statements to that effect, repeatedly pledging his readiness to resume diplomatic relations with the USSR if he was elected. After his victory, this intention was carried out.

In accordance with the understanding reached by the two countries through diplomatic channels, both parties agreed to continue their talks on normalising diplomatic relations. In November 1969, a delegation of the USSR Supreme Soviet visited Venezuela at the invitation of her National ...

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