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R. Kapelushnikov: "As our analysis shows, there is good reason to believe that the problem of vague illegitimacy cannot be cured either surgically (e.g., through an all-out de-privatization) or therapeutically (e.g., by means of a compensating tax on privatized property). At best, this can only bring temporary relief, and at worst, cause a new aggravation. It appears that in the long ran the only way to success is 'homeopathy', that is, a methodical, scrupulous and gradual reduction in the degree of illegitimacy."

Ye. Gontmakher, T. Maleva: "...As a result of economic, social and political processes in the last 15 - 20 years Russian society has yet to rally around common goals and values. At present it consists of an increasingly complicated conglomerate of microcommunities that sprang up on a multitude of grounds."

A. Vatlin: "The end of the First World War presented the new Russia with an opportunity to return to imperial borders, emerge from international isolation and be back among the great powers. The speed with which Bolshevism was shaping a new foreign policy in October 1918 matched the dizzying pace of change in the international situation at the tail end of the First World War."

I. Khormach: "Most members of the Soviet Government realized that the existence of an international organization that did not include Russia posed a danger to Soviet power. It was necessary either to join the League or cooperate with it or to create an alternative organization. Concluding that the Comintern could not replace the League of Nations in the near future, Lenin by 1921 thought that it was admissible, without creating a new one, to support the pacifist wing of the bourgeoisie in interstate relations within the existing international organization in order to ease the pressures on the country and to split the capitalist countries united against Russia."

M. Virolainen: "The structuring of the world ...

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