In This Issue   1 ECONOMICS Ownership without Legitimacy? R. Kapelyushnikov 3 Social Problems in Russia and Alternatives for Their Solution Ye. Gontmakher, T. Maleva 24 HISTORY Bolshevik International Strategy at the End of the First World War A. Vatlin 35 The "Kremlin" League of Nations Plan, 1920s I. Khormach 48 PHILOLOGY Philology in Information Society M. Virolainen 63 POLITICAL SCIENCE/PHILOSOPHY Postcolonial Discourse in Latin American and Russian Ideas of Civilization I. Ionov 77 PSYCHOLOGY Psychological Culture of Contemporary Russian Society G. Kertman 95 SOCIOLOGY Youth Extremism Yu. Zubok, V Chuprov 112 BOOK REVIEWS I. Economics Ye. Velikhov, V. Betelin, A. Kushnirenko. Industrial Policy, Innovations, Mass Information Technologies, Russian System-Forming Companies I. Goryunov 126 II. History Ye. Zubkova. The Baltics and the Kremlin: 1940 - 1953 A. Shved 129 D. Lieven. Empire: The Russian Empire and Its Rivals A. Medushevsky 133 III. Philology A. Zverev, V. Tunimanov. Leo Tolstoy A. Grodetskaya 138   Ye. Dushechkina. Svetlana: Cultural History of the Name V. Milchina 144 IV. Philosophy V. Kantor. St. Petersburg: The Russian Empire against Russian Chaos. The Problem of Imperial Consciousness in Russia A. Prokofyev 148 V. Political Science Great Britain: The Epoch of Reforms; Aleksey Gromyko. Modernization of the British Party System Ye. Susloparova 156 VI. Psychology N. Chuprikova. Mental Development The Differentiaton Principle A. Poddyakov 162 VII. Sociology Visual Anthropology: New Approaches to Social Reality. Collection of Articles A. Ulanov 167 Social Inequality and Public Politics T. Zaslavskaya 171 ACADEMIC LIFE Academic Journals ...

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