SOCIAL SCIENCES, 2008: 1 - 4


CIS: Fifteen Years of Efforts in Vain

Yu. Shishkov

No. 1

The Price of China's Economic Upsurge

V. Gelbras

No. 1

The Theory of Economic Transformation As a Research Program

L. Yevstigneyeva, R. Yevstigneyev

No. 2

The Russian Tourist Industry: Trends and Risks

A. Ovcharov

No. 3

Modernization through Coalitions Ownership without Legitimacy?

L. Grigoryev, V. Tambovtsev
R. Kapelyushnikov

No. 3 No. 4

Social Problems in Russia and Alternatives for Their Solution

Ye. Gontmakher, T. Maleva

No. 4


Declassification of Documents in the State Archives of the RF (1991 - 2006)

T. Pavlova

No. 1

Relations between the Soviet Union and the Polish People's Republic (1944 - 1989)

N. Bukharin

No. 2

The Ottoman Empire and the Northwestern Caucasus

A. Cheucheva

No. 2

History among Other Social Sciences

I. Savelyeva, A. Poletayev

No. 3

page 191

The Baltic German Nobility and Russia's Policies in the Early 20th Century N. Andreyev a No. 3 Bolshevik International Strategy at the End of the First World War A. Vatlin No. 4 The "Kremlin" League of Nations Plan, 1920s I. Khormach No. 4 PHILOLOGY The National Corpus of the Russian Language A. Moldovan No. 1 The Problem of Genre in Bakhtin "School" (Mikhail Bakhtin, Pavel Medvedev, Valentin Voloshinov) V. Zakharov No. 1 Exact and Mathematical Methods in Linguistics and Other Humanities A. Gladky No. 2 The Phenomenon of the Russian Travels to Europe: Genesis and Literary Genre G. Time No. 2 On Strategies of Analyzing Literary Works V. Khalizev No. 3 Philology in Information Society M. Virolainen ...

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