VOLUME 50 NUMBER 4, 2004

International Affairs

A Russian Journal of World Politics Diplomacy and International Relations

In This Issue

Russia & the West: Common Security Interest

Election Year 2004: No Time-out

Lessons of Iraq

Russia s National Identity & Image-Building

Language & Diplomacy

The Geneva Conference on Vietnam, 1954

Are We Alone in the Cosmos?

Essential Russian Resources

Four critical English-language journals from Russia which no library can afford to overlook!

International Affairs

The voice of Russia's Foreign Ministry. Offers unique, first-hand analysis of major foreign policy issues facing Russia and NIS. Available in print, microform and online. ISSN 0130-9641. 6/yr. Subscription: Individuals $55; Institutions $388.

Military Thought

Leading theoretical journal of Russia's Ministry of Defense. Provides critical insight into current trends in Russian military doctrine and planning. Available in print, microform and online. ISSN 0869-5636. 6/yr. Subscription: Individuals $97; Institutions $480.

Social Sciences

Indispensable overview of contemporary Russian scholarship in the social sciences. Selected works from over 25 Russian-language journals of Russian Academy of Sciences. Available in print and online. ISSN 0134-5486. 4/yr. Subscription: Individuals $61; Institutions $316.

Far Eastern Affairs

The journal of the Institute of the Far East, a renowned Moscow think-tank researching developments in China, Japan, and the Asia-Pacific region. Available in print and online. ISSN 0206-149X. 4/yr. Subscription: Individuals $45; Institutions $247.

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SERGEI LAVROV Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia

IGOR' IVANOV Secretary of the Security Council of Russia

VLADIMIRCHIZHOV Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia

ANDREI DENISOV Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia

ALEKSANDR DZASOKHOV President, Northern Ossetia Republic


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