VOLUME 53 NUMBER 6, 2007

International Affairs

A Russian Journal of World Politics Diplomacy and International Relations

In This Issue

The Russian Flag on the North Pole

The EU: Shortsighted Strategy

Six-Party Negotiations on North Korea

Baghdad Traps for the Russian Oil Busine

The World Economy in 2020

Russian Gas Export: Present and Future

Russia and Britain in Persia 100 Years Ago

East View Publications and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation


(GUIDEBOOK TO THE FOREIGN POLICY ARCHIVE OF THE RUSSIAN EMPIRE) Minneapolis East View Publications, 1996 ISBN: 1-879944-36-7. 454 pp.

Excellent Russian-language reference to the holding of the archives of tsarist Russia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Discover the documents, letters, and communiques reflecting and driving Russia's foreign policy from the late 16th century through the early 20th century.

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SERGEI LAVROV Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia

ANDREI DENISOV First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia

VLADIMIRTITOV Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia

ALEKSANDRYAKOVENKO Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia

VITALY CHURKIN Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN

SERGEI ORDZHONIKIDZE UN Under Secretary General, Director-General, UN Office at Geneva

VLADIMIRCHIZHOV Permanent Representative of Russia Plenipotentiary

DOKU ZAVGAYEV Director General, MFA

VLADIMIR LUKIN Human Rights Commissioner in Russia

KONSTANTIN KOSACHEV Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, State Duma

MIKHAIL MARGELOV Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Federation Council

ALEKSANDR DZASOKHOV Representative of the Republic of Northern Ossetia - Alania in the Federation Council


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