On the Russians and the Swiss

Author: M. Fedorova

On the Russians and the Swiss 173

On the Russians and the Swiss

M. Fedorova

EXQUISITE DESIGN, fascinating illustrations, fine style, good taste, professionalism, depth, comprehensive content, and light humor-everything a reader could wish for.

Andrei Stepanov's book Russkie i shveytsartsy. Zapiski diplomata (A.I. Stepanov. Russkie i shveytsartsy. Zapiski diplomata. [The Russians and the Swiss. Notes of a Diplomat] Moscow, Nauchnaia kniga, 2006, 592 pages), which was published by Moscow's Nauchnaia kniga Publishers, spans three hundred years of Russian-Swiss relations.

Professor Andrei Stepanov worked for a long time as ambassador in Bern, and is very familiar with Switzerland and its people. He still has the valuable experience and impressions he gained from all manner of meetings with the Swiss, and his sharp wit and skillful turns of phrase have given expression to them in this important and entertaining historical work.

In the past, despite its abundance of snow, freezing temperatures, and the specifics of its political system, Russia was a land of great opportunity, and the Swiss were the right people to show up at the right place and the right time for Russia. The names of Admiral Lefort, mathematician Euler, and well-known architects and builders are respectfully remembered in our country.

On the other hand, in the past Switzerland has also attracted Russians as a country of human rights, democracy, rational state system, and well-ordered everyday life. It was a haven for Russian democrats, revolutionaries, and writers. None of them were disappointed.

The book opens with a highly-charged chapter called "How I See Switzerland." It gives a description of the country and talks about the policy of neutrality, as well as about the lifestyle and mentality of the Swiss.

And it is in no way a Swiss study book. Its pages contain a wealth of very interesting facts, even curiosities.

His narration refutes the customary opinion that intellectual ...

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