OFFICIAL CLOUT IS WORKING WITHOUT LETUP. – Incumbent Governors in Three Provinces Convincingly Win Latest Elections

Author: Besik Pipia, Viktor Svinin and Sergei Sergiyevsky

OFFICIAL CLOUT IS WORKING WITHOUT LETUP. – Incumbent Governors in Three Provinces Convincingly Win Latest Elections. (By Besik Pipia in St. Petersburg, Viktor Svinin in Tomsk and Sergei Sergiyevsky [in Moscow]. Nezavisimaya gazeta, Sept. 23, 2003, p. 4. Condensed text:) The gubernatorial elections held Sunday [Sept. 21] in Leningrad, Sverdlovsk and Tomsk Provinces didn’t yield any surprises. . . . The incumbent governors won everywhere. Granted, Eduard Rossel’s victory required a runoff, but he won it by a solid margin. . . .

Viktor Kress, who has governed Tomsk Province for 12 years now, will continue his "marathon." Another gubernatorial "old-timer" is Eduard Rossel, who has likewise ruled Sverdlovsk Province since 1991, except for a brief hiatus when he was removed by decision of President Yeltsin for his efforts to create a Urals Republic. Only Leningrad Province Governor Valery Serdyukov is a "novice" – relatively speaking, of course. His new term will be only his second.

Voter turnout in Leningrad Province was 29.46%. Of those who went to the polls, 56.53% voted for Serdyukov. His main rival, Vadim Gustov, got 25.54%, and 7.75% voted for "none of the above." None of the other five candidates received more than 3% of the vote.

Ten candidates had originally been cleared to run in the election, but three dropped out of the race early. . . . [Of those,] Freedom party leader Yury Belyayev . . . had his registration revoked by a court for bribing voters: An agent of Belyayev’s, Yevgeny Tyulkin, was detained in Vsevolozhsk, where he was handing out vodka in exchange for votes for Belyayev. . . .

The election went relatively smoothly, although there were a few incidents. On the eve of the voting, law-enforcement agencies confiscated illegal print runs of leaflets and newspapers. A listening bug was found next to a telephone jack at Valery Serdyukov’s headquarters. A billboard promoting the incumbent governor was doused with paint. Criminal proceedings were instituted against a woman who was bribing voters to support Gustov.

In the ...

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