What Will New Temperance Society Do?

MAKE SOBRIETY A NORM OF LIFE: ALL TOGETHER AGAINST DRUNKENNESS. (Pravda, Aug. 29. Condensed text:) Editors' Note. — Attaching great importance to the development of the mass antialcohol movement and to its dissemination at enterprises and in organizations, institutions and labor collectives, the CPSU Central Committee has deemed it expedient to create an All-Union Voluntary Temperance Society. The first meeting of the future society's organizing committee was held in Moscow a few days ago. Our correspondent interviewed Yu. Ovchinnikov, Vice-President of the USSR Academy of Sciences and chairman of the Temperance Society's organizing committee.

Question. — ... How is work coming along on setting it up [the Temperance Society]?

Answer. — ... A draft charter for the society has been prepared. After it has been discussed in labor collectives, a process that has already begun, it will be submitted for confirmation to an All-Union Constituent Conference of the new society, which will be held in Moscow in late September. ...

Q. — How does the draft charter define the society's basic goals and tasks?

A. — We have proceeded from the CPSU Central Committee's directive to regard the overcoming of drunkenness and alcoholism as a social task of great political importance. It is necessary to give this work a truly mass, nationwide character and to create in every labor collective an atmosphere of intolerance toward drunkenness and all violations of labor discipline and order.

The All-Union Voluntary Temperance Society should become the Party's active helper in accomplishing these tasks, a mass-participation autonomous public organization that is called upon to promote the overcoming of drunkenness, the broad development of the antialcohol movement in the country, the introduction into everyday life of new, socialist customs and ceremonies that exclude the use of alcohol, and the successful implementation of measures to combat this socially dangerous evil. ...

The society ...

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