Author: Ye. Arakelyan

SERVICE FOR VETERANS. (By Ye. Arakelyan. Izvestia, Nov. 9, p. 2. 800 words. Condensed text:) Editors' Note.—The first two area centers providing services to pensioners have opened in the capital's Gagarin and Kuntsevo Boroughs. We talked with S. Ivchenkov, Director of the Moscow Social Security Administration, about the possibilities and prospects of this form of social assistance to the elderly.

* * *

S. Ivchenkov.—It has been estimated that there are currently about 45,000 pensioners in Moscow who live alone. The most important area of our work today is the search for new types of services for old people and the disabled. Area centers are one of these innovations. We opened the first two in boarding homes Nos. 19 and 29. They are designed to serve 130 people. ...

There is a huge number of old people who do not live alone in the formal sense but, because of their loved ones' situations—because they are absent, ill, etc.—are in need of outside assistance. And another point. For pensioners living in separate apartments, the problem of social contact is often very acute. Area centers solve this problem.

Question.—What is the daily routine at the center and what types of services are provided there?

Answer.—At 8:00-8:30 in the morning, special buses pick up pensioners at the Kuntsevo and Shchelkovo subway stations. They transport them free of charge to the area centers, where rooms have been set aside for them (one or two to a room).

Breakfast is served at 9. Food is served four times a day, and tea is served between lunch and dinner. ... Incidentally, the meals are the only service we charge for (one ruble, 45 kopeks a day). The center also has a buffet.

The area center always has a doctor and nurse on duty. The pensioner can see them for consultation—and can also obtain the medicines he needs free ...

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