Author: Y. YUDIN



Prevent World War III. Published by the Society for the Prevention of World War HI, New York, 1954-55, Nos. 42, 43, 44, 45.

Prevent World War III, a New York quarterly, is little known. The overwhelming majority of the other American publications maintain a studied silence about its existence because of its distinctive stand on the German question. The journal is almost entirely devoted to sharp criticism of America's German policy. It clearly demonstrates that this policy is bound to fail as a result of the aggressive aspirations of the Bonn revanchists, whom the U.S.A. is arming, and of a further sharpening of contradictions within the Western camp.

It should be pointed out that the journal's publisher, the Society for the Prevention of World War III, founded in the United States In 1944, is in no wise a progressive organization. On the contrary, it views the Soviet Union and the People's Democracies with the hostility typical of American capitalist groups. It is headed by many noted bourgeois writers, journalists, lawyers, professors, politicians and statesmen. Mark Van Doren, a prominent member of the Nation's editorial staff, is its Honorary- Chairman. Its Vice-President, Dean Alfange, founded the Liberal Party of New York State. Bartley Crum, a member of its Advisory Council, heads a law firm in New York and formerly served on the American Committee of Inquiry on Palestine.

It is noteworthy that the society is headed by men who have spent long years in Germany and are thoroughly familiar with that country and its problems. The journalist William L. Shirer, member of its board of directors, who lived in Berlin more than once and at great length before the war and during its early years, contributed to a number of U.S. newspapers. Another member of the board, William H. Hale, was in charge of war-time American propaganda ...

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