Stetson Kennedy, I Rode With the К и Klux Klan, Arco Publishers Ltd., London, 1954.4

"Since Eighteen Hundred Sixty-Six the Ku, Klux Klan has been riding and will continue to do so as long as the WHITE MAN liveth"-that was the crude message left for Stetson Kennedy when fascist hooligans tried to set fire to his home.

Kennedy is a progressive American writer who has devoted a considerable part of his life to the exposure of the

4 In 1955, this book was translated into Russian and published by the Inostrannaya Literature Publishing House under the title Я был в Ку-Клукс-Клане. The Russian edition includes the chapter headed "Ky-Клукс-Клан в Белом Доме" ("Ku Klux Klan in the White House"), which did not appear in the original edition, as well as a foreword specially written by S. Kennedy for the Russian edition.-Ed.

page 146


criminal activity of that vicious racist organization, the Ku Klux Klan. He is one of the authors of the petition "We Charge Genocide" presented to the United Nations by the progressive National Civil Rights Congress.

When Kennedy began his work of exposing the Klan, he clearly saw that "the need, obviously, was not just for mere words, but legal evidence on the Klan's inside machinations-evidence which could be taken into court and used to put the Klan's leaders behind bars where they belonged. To get such evidence ... somebody would have to go under a Klan robe and turn the hooded order's dirty linen inside out for all the world to see" (pp. 20-21). So Kennedy decided to join it. To do so he went to its main stronghold-Atlanta, Georgia. There, under another name, regardless of the danger, he became a Klansman. For ten years he risked his life among the "Knights" of the Ku КГих Klan, collecting the facts and material to ...

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