Spain Lives and Fights

Author: Jesús SAIZ, Isidro R. MENDIETA

Jesús SAIZ, Isidro R. MENDIETA

Spain Lives and Fights

TWENTY-THREE years ago, on April 1, 1939, the national-revolutionary war of the Spanish people, who had heroically fought against international fascism for nearly three years, came to an end. A period of black fascist reaction and terror set in in Spain, a period of crying poverty for the masses and of unprecedented enrichment for the oligarchy and its henchmen. Downtrodden by the fascist cohorts, the glorious workers' and peasants' Spain, which had put up a courageous fight for its freedom and independence, seemed to lie dead.

But it only seemed so. In fact, however, in conditions of enormous difficulties and suffering, the Spanish people have been healing their wounds and gradually mustering their strength. Despite the fascist terror, they have day by day been forging the weapons of unity and organisation which is a guarantee of their future victory.

Communists have always been and will be the soul of the struggle of the people against the Franco dictatorship, for the democratic future of their country. The most important landmarks of this struggle are: the guerrilla movement during the Second World War; the general strike in Bilbao on May 1, 1947; the general strike in Barcelona on March 12, 1951; the wave of strikes in the Basque Provinces in 1953; the mass actions in industrial centres in 1956; the National Reconciliation Day on May 5, 1958; the national peaceful strike on June 18, 1959; and the impetuous advance of the strike movement in recent months.

A Paradise for the Bankers, a Hell for the Working People

FRANCO can hardly brag about the results of his 23-year-long undivided dictatorship: far from having solved any of the country's basic problems, he has aggravated them still further. Franco and his fascist regime, the progeny of the financial oligarchy and big landowners, have subordinated the life of the country ...

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