International Economic Relations and Competition of the Two Systems

Author: Otakar SIMUNEK


International Economic Relations and Competition of the Two Systems

THE 45 years which have passed since the Great October Socialist Revolution and particularly the last ten years have strikingly corroborated Lenin's thesis that Socialism, by succesfully developing the economy of the new society, would increasingly influence the course of world development.

The new social system has begun to make its impact on world history at a time when owing to the birth of the world's first Socialist state, the Soviet Union's unprecedented economic growth, the profound changes in the life of its people and the rise in the country's economic potential and international prestige, the correctness of Marxism-Leninism has been proved.

This impact became still greater after 1945 when a number of other countries, following the example of the Soviet Union, took the Socialist road. The theory and practice of Socialist construction were put to the test in countries with different levels of economic development and different traditions rooted in their past political, economic and social history.

Socialist administration of the state and the economy furnishes a particularly outstanding example. The indisputable economic successes registered by the Socialist countries are rightly attributed by people everywhere to economic planning, which makes it possible to pool all available resources and efforts and so ensure advance without the losses inevitable in the capitalist world. Former doubts about the feasibility and practicability of planning are today completely unfounded and the theoretical "argument" that state interference impairs the "freedom of the individual" can call forth only a smile. Today, even many diverse methods developed in the course of Socialist planning are used in economic analysis in the capitalist world. Moreover, attempts are made to apply directly some elements of planning to the capitalist economy (more, the strengthening of the power of the monopolies is often presented as economic "planning"). That nearly every country now has some kind ...

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