Czechoslovakia in the CMEA System

Author: Otakar SIMUNEK


Czechoslovakia in the CMEA System

THE achievements of the October Revolution, the great ideas of Lenin and the experience of the Soviet Communists were an important source of basic information for the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia in working out the Socialist construction programme. This was another proof that each Communist party uses the treasures of Marxism-Leninism and, in its turn, enriches it with its own experience.

Far-reaching social, economic and cultural changes have taken place in Czechoslovakia within the last 22 years. The economy, culture and standard of living have developed at unprecedented rates which the developed capitalist countries can now achieve only in exceptionally favourable years. Here are some of the general indices showing our country's economic development. In comparison with the pre-war years, the national income in Czechoslovakia had increased by the end of 1966 by 196 per cent, and its average annual growth from 1949 to 1966 was 6.2 per cent. Personal consumption of the population had risen by 104 per cent.

Such growth became possible due to the expansion of industrial production, which increased by 460 per cent as compared with the pre-war level. In 1958-1966 alone, the average annual growth of industrial production was 6.9 per cent and was higher than that in the U.S.A., Britain, West Germany, France and Belgium. In the pre-war period, light industry was highly developed in our country, textile production playing a leading part in it. The structure of Czechoslovak industry underwent substantial changes in the post-war period, and such branches as machine-building, metallurgy and chemistry have become decisive. These changes were accompanied by profound alterations in the orientation of production in certain fields. All this was reflected in the assortment of output, technical equipment and the growing effectiveness in the manufacture of certain items. At the same time, concrete needs and directions of development were changing according to domestic demand and external ...

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