Paris Court, INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS and Where It Comes From

Author: Lyubov VIDYASOVA

Paris Court, INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS and Where It Comes From

The Paris Supreme Court has concluded hearings on the suit filed against International Affairs, the All-Union Society Znaniye, the All-Union Association Mezhdunarodnaya Kniga and the publishing house Messidor-Globe by US citizen Lyndon Larouche who heads an international organisation which calls itself the European Workers' Party (EWP). The EWP is headquartered in the USA with branches in a number of West European countries, including France, the FRG and Sweden.

The suit was based on a publication in the March 1987 issue of International Affairs of an article by Vladimir Pustogarov, a well-known Soviet lawyer, on the growing threat of neofascism and the involvement of the EWP and Larouche himself in neofascist activities. In the suit submitted by Larouche's lawyers, International Affairs is accused of defaming the honour and reputation of the European Workers' Party and Lyndon Larouche, its founder. Larouche was insulted by the description of the EWP as an "anti-democratic, anti-Semitic, racist and anti-union" organisation, a description which was taken, incidentally, from Vorwârts, a weekly of the Social Democratic Party of Germany. The publication emphasised-again with reference to Western assessments-the dangerous nature of the EWP activities, as also of other right-wing extremist organisations closely associated with neofascism. Larouche demanded that each of the respondents pay 100,000 francs to him and the EWP.

The court repudiated all claims by Larouche, made him pay the indemnity, including a certain sum to the defendants for the damage suffered by them. That was an exemplary verdict.

Last autumn the same court declined Larouche's complaint lodged against New Times magazine. He should have reconsidered at that time and rather withdraw his accusations against International Affairs, the more so because the reason for his claim was similar conclusions arrived at by the authors of the two articles, conclusions based on Western assessments.

However, Larouche is an inveterably litigious fellow and as ...

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