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L. Yevstigneyeva, R. Yevstigneyev: “...inflation is not going to give up despite temporary defeats inflicted by monetary weapons, and attempts to use nonmonetary methods do not help either. These and other attempts to curb inflation look ever more outdated. But perhaps the way out is not curbing inflation but doing something different? The new economic realities in the world and in Russia convince us that time has come to find a nonstandard approach. In our opinion, money should be viewed as a macroeconomic problem and inflation as a problem of financial capital.”

L. Grigoryev, S. Kondratyev, M. Salikhov: “...we will focus on Georgia's economic problems. After Georgian independence we can see a most involved combination of negative factors. While in the USSR, the republic developed, on the one hand, within the classical industrialization model, and, on the other, it used its natural and geographical resources. By the time it proclaimed independence it had accumulated a large human capital, and its population's educational level was one of the highest in the USSR. Within several crisis years in the 1990s, Georgia, formerly a unique region of a big world power, became a comparatively small nation that had to make a new start in dealing with problems of its well-being.”

L. Petukhov: “The coverage of the twists and turns of the Anglo-Boer War in most of the Russian press revealed a marked antibourgeois bias in Russian public and political space. That is why the Russian press had painted a highly negative image of the Englishman which, however, did not affect the political relations between Great Britain and Russia. At the same time the perceived ‘socioeconomic' backwardness of the ‘rustic Boers' added to their appeal for many Russian commentators.”

A. Kholikov: “The situation of a scholarly biographer is made more complicated due to the fact that he is supposed to interpret not only the writer's literary works but the events ...

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