Secrets Revealed: Soviet Involvement in the Domestic Politics of Socialist Countries

Author: N. Bukharin

IN HIS RECENT WORK Rossia i Vostochnaia Evropa (Russia and Eastern Europe) Valery Musatov,* member of the Department of International Economic and Political Studies of the Institute of Economics concentrates at the Russian and Soviet policies in Central-Eastern Europe. This is not a history of the Soviet policies in the socialist countries of Europe — the author has chosen a different genre. He has brought together speeches, interviews and essays that represent what a practical worker and a diplomat did and thought at that time enlivened with colorful reminiscences. A historian may use it as a source for his studies of the history of Soviet foreign policy. This should not be taken to mean that the book's informative and academic value is negligent: in fact, this adds to its importance. Indeed, under Soviet power everything that was going on at this diplomatic front was never divulged. It is Musatov and other analysts who are gradually revealing what has remained secret for a long time.

The author has convincingly demonstrated that the state and Great Power interests were closely intertwined with Soviet ideology and the party and political considerations. This had been typical of Stalin's times; this was typical under those who came after him. The balanced and well-considered assessments of the different stages of the Soviet Union's policies in the region can be described as the book's greatest merit.

In the postwar period the Soviet Union was pursuing three main aims in the Central- Eastern Europe: keep the region in Moscow's sphere of influence through friendly contacts between the parties and states; rule out possible revan-chist sentiments in Germany and keep the United States and the West in general away from the Soviet zone of interests; promote socialist construction in these countries. The Soviet influence in this part of the world rested on the Potsdam Agreements of the victor states.

Stalin's death marked the end of ...

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