Author: Denis Manturov

Denis Manturov – Russian deputy industry and trade minister

The aircraft industry of Russia is one of the most science-intensive, hi-tech and backbone branches of the national economy. It concentrates the largest number of highly skilled personnel, while the value of capital assets of its enterprises, their output and sales far exceed the similar indicators for other defense industries.

The recent years saw active efforts to reform the whole aircraft sector which will spur the development of many allied industries, become a catalyst to the formation of an innovative economy based on intelligence, knowledge and high technologies and will help Russia restore its position as a leading player on the world aircraft market.

Several program documents on the strategic development of the domestic aircraft industry have been developed and are being implemented: “Aircraft Industry Strategy 2015” and the federal special programs: “Civil Aircraft Development in 2002-2010 and through 2015”; “Defense-Industrial Complex Development in 2007-2010 and through 2015”; “National Technology Base Development in 2007-2011.”

Strategy 2015 envisages a profound change in the competitive position of the civil sector of the aircraft industry and a growth in sales of the domestic aircraft in the world market to 10% is planned. It identifies the out-put and aircraft production programs for the next of 10 to 15 years. However, these plans are feasible only if the allied industries (engine building, instrument making and accessory making) are developed in parallel.

In the engine industry, an integrated entity, the United Engine Corporation, was set up that comprises the leading Russian engine developers and manufacturers: NPO Saturn, engine design bureaus and engine plants in Perm and Samara. Their integration is proceeding. The Corporation’s goals are to develop and manufacture up-to-date aircraft engines, carry put complex development programs for gas turbine enterprises, attract and pool intellectual, industrial and financial resources to introduce new technologies and international standards.

The Aircraft Engine Industry ...

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