A Life Spanning More than a Century

Author: Ye. Piadysheva

DMITRY FYODOROVICH SAFONOV celebrated his 100th birthday this October.

It is an exceptional thing when a person lives for a hundred years. And Dmitry Fyodorovich's whole life, a bright and highly-charged pageant of events and activities, which has spanned a century, has been exceptional.

Right after the war, engineer Safonov was recruited into the diplomatic service. He did not have to wait long to find himself in the thick of things. In 1946, he, along with his family, went to work at the UN Secretariat as a foreign civil servant. Everything was new, unfamiliar, for the first time. And not only for him and his family: the life of a vast international structure was being formed and organized.

There was a special attitude toward the Soviet Union in those years. Dmitry Fyodorovich recalls how ordinary Americans would come and see him at the Department of Public Information where he worked at the time in order to welcome a Soviet person, the citizen of a country that defeated Fascism, and express their gratitude and admiration.

At that time no one had any doubt about who was the victor. Whereas now all the talk about re-examining the outcome of the Second World War, believes Dmitry Fyodorovich, is the result of the growing and ever tougher confrontation policy of the U.S., which does not want to relinquish its role as the superpower in a unipolar world.

When asked how he sees the future development of the global situation, he gives an immediate reply, evidently the topic is important to him and he has given it much thought. A new giant has appeared on the world arena China. And Russia must establish close and trusting relations with it. This is our future. As for the United States, we must be ready for confrontation with it for decades to come. And Great Britain, the U.S.'s eternal ally, will not ...

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