Russia and the U.S.A. in Confrontation: Military and Political Aspects

Author: A.Yu. MARUYEV

Col. A.Yu. MARUYEV, Candidate of Political Sciences

In recent years, the world has been growing increasingly more mobile in the geopolitical sense, and the processes unfolding across the globe are having a significant influence on the world order. It won't be wrong to say that the modern world is a world of geopolitical confrontation that is getting constantly worse. The geopolitical situation in the world has been changed considerably by events such as disintegration of the U.S.S.R., collapse of the socialist community, wide spreading of Islamic fundamentalism, terrorism, imposition of American-style democracies by Washington around the globe, world financial crisis, and so on.

True, the Cold War between the two superpowers has ended, and yet confrontation between Russia and the U.S. continues, even though it has become less noticeable to outsiders.

This development is important enough to be considered by the planners of Russia's geostrategy, that is, its government's future-oriented policy to meet the Russian Federation's geopolitical interests in the world environment. One of the principles on which Russia's geostrategy is based is its geopolitical focus. This principle suggests, in the first place, that the strategic guidelines of Russia's policy are to be based on the need to set key, large-scale objectives so that their attainment could lay the foundations for a durable peace and constructive stability Strategy, that is, a method to achieve the objective set, is the central element of strategic management.

Strategy dictates options for political leaders to choose from in achieving their objectives; the kind of limitations imposed by the specifics of organization and the bounds (economic, sociopolitical, military, technological, and so on) within which a strategic choice is made; and the kind of country its political elite and its citizens want it to be.

Political strategic management is centered on the development and implementation of political strategies such as formation and expansion of the country's competitive advantages in the ...

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