Author: Sergei MAKAROV

Russian scientists have become winners of a prestigious competition in the field of use of renewable energy sources and environmental protection, carried out by the International Foundation Energy Globe jointly with the European Commission. The design of the floating wave power station presented by the Applied Technologies Company (Moscow) was regarded as best in the nomination "National Project of Russia". How to explain its topicality and what are its advantages over analogs?

Owing to the quick reduction of hydrocarbon reserves, the mankind is facing an acute problem of search for alternative energy carriers. In general, we have a lot of potential resources: the sun, wind, tides, hot underground water sources, sea and ocean waves. Their total power is much higher than that of all reserves of the Earth's depths. But this energy is very difficult to get, it is too diffused and that is why it is more expensive than that received from oil, gas and even coal.

One would think that use of waves in stormy seas is highly perspective. Energy concentration there is higher than in other renewable sources. It is not by chance that many countries have been trying to tame water. For example, Scotland (Great Britain) has already spent over 70 mln USD to design a 150 m wave power station equipped with four floating cylinders, over 30 m long

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Power station is made of capsules floating on the water surface.

each. Rolling on the waves, they rotate turbines of generators. However, the project has never been implemented as waves are rather "capricious". If you want to get energy from them, the size of the float should be similar to the length of a sea wave. But it is too variable, it can abruptly increase or reduce its force for a long time or even disappear. It means that in given conditions the float would take energy only from ...

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