Military-Political Aspects of the Formation of Russia's Interests Concerning the Southern Geopolitical Vector


Col. A.Yu. MARUYEV, Candidate of Political Sciences


SUMMARY. The article analyzes the geopolitical interests of Russia in the southern regions adjacent to the Caucasian and Caspian regions and offers recommendations for overcoming existing problems.

KEYWORDS: geopolitical interests, national security, Caucasian region, economic objectives, international organizations.

The formation of geopolitical interests of the country and the elaboration of a geostrategic course aimed at the implementation of these interests are the crucial tasks of Russia's foreign policy. The main aim of this policy is the construction of a multipolar world. This task presupposes a comprehensive solution of the problems involved in ensuring the geopolitical interests of the country on different vectors of Russian foreign policy.

Geopolitical vector - is a specially oriented interpretation of Russia's geopolitical interests based on the geographical singling out of the cardinal directions. The geopolitical position of Russia as a Eurasian power requires greater attention to the military-political processes going on in the United States and Europe (western vector), in Asia (eastern vector), and a corresponding adaptation of Russian policy toward the North (northern vector), as well as to the situation in southern regions adjacent to the geopolitical area of Russia (southern vector).

The southern vector is the most important from the point of view of ensuring the national security of the Russian Federation. It is precisely there that events are taking place which directly influence its security and demand a clearcut definition of the geopolitical interests of Russia, especially in the Caucasian region. This is why it would be expedient to devote main attention to the formation and realization of the interests of the Russian Federation in its "southern underbelly."

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The Georgian-South Ossetian and Georgian-Abkhazian conflicts in August 2008 were the main events which led to the change in the alignment of forces in the Caucasian region. As a result of the appropriate measures ...

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