Index to Volume 18, 2009

  No. GEOPOLITICS AND SECURITY BALYUTIN, I.V., BOBRYAKOV, O.L., SODYL’Ye .A., Protection of the Country’s Military Interests in the Export of Controlled Technologies 2 BOYKO, S.M., DYLEVSKY, I.N., KOMOV, S.A., KOROTKOV, S.V., RODIONOV, S.N., FEDOROV, A.V., Potential Approaches to Implementing the Russian Federation’s Military Policies on International Information Security in the Present Situation 2 CHENGAYEV, V.L., BALENKO, S.V., Conditions for Armed Conflicts Arising on RF Territory in the 21st Century and Their Likely Characteristics in a Deteriorating Military-Political Situation 3 GAREYEV, M.A., Issues of Strategic Deterrence in Current Conditions 2 GATSKO, M.F., The Nature of Russia’s Military Security and Its Legal Regulation 3 GORBUNOV, V.N., BOGDANOV, S.A., Armed Confrontation in the 21st Century 1 KHATYLEV, R.P., PYRIKOV, D.P., Central Asian Vector of the Russian Federation’s Military Policy 1 KOSTYUKHIN, A.A., Russian Military Cooperation With Central Asian States 2 KOSTYUKHIN, A.A., International Military Cooperation of the Central Asian States 3 LUTOVINOV, V.I., Development and Use of Nonmilitary Measures to Reinforce Military Security of the Russian Federation 2 MARUYEV, A.Yu., Military Aspects of Russia’s Geopolitical Interests and Geostrategy 1 MARUYEV, A.Yu., Russia and the U.S.A. in Confrontation: Military and Political Aspects 3 MARUYEV, A.Yu., KARPENKO, A.O. Military-Political Aspects of the Formation of Russia’s Interests Concerning the Southern Geopolitical Vector 4 SHAPOVALOV, I.A., ZHALDYBIN, Ya.A. STARODUBTSEV, V.P., Russia and Challenges of the 21st Century 2 ZOLOTOV, I.Yu., TUZHIKOV, Ye.Z., Fundamental Science: A Basis of the Country’s Military-Technical and Technological Security 1 FORCE DEVELOPMENT LAPUNOV, P.M., SHAPOVALOV, I.A., The Rational Strength of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation: View in the Context of Resource and Economic Restrictions 1 NARYSHKIN, V.G., The Makeup of the Russian Federation’s Armed Forces in Regard to Their Purposes and to the Country’s Status 4 PETRENKO, I.Ya., Methodological Foundations of the Navy’s Organizational Development 1 MILITARY ART GORBUNOV, V.N., BOGDANOV, S., Economic Potential – Foundation of the Defensive Ability of a State 2 KALISTRATOV, A.I., Development of Russian Military Art in the 17th-19th Centuries 1 KALISTRATOV, A.I., Development of the Russian Military Art in the Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries 1 KALISTRATOV, A.I., Origins and Formation of Russian Military Art 1 KALISTRATOV, A., Origins and Formation of Russian Military Art 2 KALISTRATOV, A., Soviet Military Art in World ...

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