On Military Science and War

Author: V.V. BABICH

Col. V.V. BABICH (Ret.)

SUMMARY. The paper argues that military science in this country is in need of some restructuring, both in form and content, especially as regards the theory of troop control, the theory of combat capabilities of troops, and the theory of modeling hostilities and armed straggle as a whole.

KEYWORDS: war, military science, military policy, armed straggle, armed aggression, the theory of war and peace.

Vladimir V. BABICH, born December 9, 1946, Samarkand (Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic). Educated at the Suvorov Military School and Ryazan Airborne Command School. Served with the Airborne Forces, starting as platoon commander and all the way up to regimental chief-of-staff. In 1979, Babich graduated with honors from the Frunze Military Academy, and has been teaching students since 1982. His last army job was deputy head of department at the Ryazan Airborne Command School. Currently, he is lecturer at the Military Department of the Ryazan State Radio Engineering University.

The interests of improving the RF national security system call for solution of a number of problems in various areas of state activity, including in military security. This also applies in full measure to Russian military science (MS), which should go on being a major factor in Russia's military policy.

It is hardly a secret that military science in Russia is not in mint condition at the moment, although describing its state as critical or dead-end would in my view be going too far. In any case Russian military science needs progress in terms of quality. In this context a discussion of the need to update and improve not just the content of Russian MS, but also its structure appears justified. A clear-cut definition of the role and place of military science among other social (or, in modern parlance, humanitarian) sciences is essential, I believe. The Mili-

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tary Thought journal carried an excellent thought-provoking piece a ...

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