ECONOMICS Strategy 2050: Can Russia Deal with the Challenges of Globalization? K. Yudayeva, Ye. Yasin No. 1 The Power-Property System in Contemporary Russia N. Pliskevich No. 1 Inflation: A New Dimension L. Yevstigneyeva, R. Yevstigneyev No. 2 Difficult Way Out of Transformational Crisis (the Case of Georgia) L. Grigoryev, S. Kondratyev, M. Salikhov No. 2 Scientific Communities and Spatial Concentration in Economic Science A. Libman No. 3 World Financial Crisis: A Chance to Repair the Institutions? A. Shastitko No. 3 Psychological Aspects of the Current Economic Crisis Yu. Olsevich No. 4 HISTORY Legalizing the Moscow Patriarchate in 1927: The Secret Aims of the Authorities A. Mazyrin No. 1 England and Russia: The Problem of National Selfidentification As Reflected in the Russian Press L. Petukhov No. 2 Eviction of Former Landowners from the Regions of Central Russia in 1925-1927 I. Lozbenev No. 3 The Keys to the Black Sea (At the Turn of the 19th and 20th Centuries) I. Rybachenok No. 4 PHILOSOPHY/HISTORY A Historian's Past A. Rutkevich No. 2 PHILOLOGY A Philological Trap. The Genre of a Letter in the Name of a Third Person in the Tradition of a Philological Interpretation A. Markov No. 1 Writer's Biography: Genre without Rules A. Kholikov No. 2 Your Own, Someone Else's, and No One's. (On the Problem of Memory in J.R.R. Tolkien and J.L. Borges) S. Zenkin No. 3 The Idea of Death in Russian Literature V. Yermakov No. 3 "Why Was the Second Volume of Dead Souls Burnt?" Yu. Mann No. 4 Lev Tolstoy's Treatise What Is Art? in the Context of the Disintegration of Idealistic Aesthetics M. Odesskaya No. 4 PHILOSOPHY The Experience of Separation and the Event of Love (Theses on Franklin Ankersmit's historical experience and Friedrich Schelling's eternal past) P. Rezvykh No. 1 The Problem of Personality: Paul Ricoeur—Emmanuel Mounier I. Vdovina No. 4 PHILOSOPHY/POLITICAL SCIENCE The Struggle for Carl Schmitt. On the Perception and Relevance of the Concept of the Political A. Mikhaylovsky No. 3 POLITICAL SCIENCE Russia 2020: Alternative Scenarios and Public Preferences A. Melvil, I. Timofeyev No. 1 Regional Administrative-Political Elites of Russia in the Past, Present and Future A. Ponedelkov, A. Starostin No. 2 The Image of a State As an Instrument of Cognizing a Threat in International Relations (Iran's nuclear program used as an example) A. Smirnova No. 2 Transformation of Russian—American Relations: Objective Causes and Subjective Motives S. Oznobishchev No. 3 Russia's Relationships ...

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