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Yu. Olsevich: "The relatively free and self-regulating market of the 1980s and 1990s arose from the prerequisites created by means of government and trade union regulation. But as soon as the self-regulating forces came into play they began to undermine their own internal prerequisites. The mechanisms of this self-destruction are far from obvious. The weakening of some trade unions and the strengthening of others is only one of the factors behind excessive wage inequality and erosion of the middle class. An easing of government regulation did not promote free competition but led to the takeover of large corporations by aggressive and risk-loving people and to the creation of credit pyramids. Deregulation of foreign economic activity helped to create global capital, which has a destructive potential. All this has caused the current global crisis, which threatens to develop into a systemic crisis of capitalism."

I. Rybachenok: "Historically, the issue of Black Sea Straits has always been an issue of the state border and state security for Russia and Turkey. Over time, however, the problem of the navigation regime in the Straits acquired not only a bilateral but an international character. Therefore it has invariably been the subject of heated diplomatic discussions whenever complications arose in the Balkans and in the Middle East generally. 'The keys to the Black and Marmara Seas' (to borrow an expression from Marquise de Caulaincourt, Ambassador to St. Petersburg) became an object of contention fraught with a military conflict."

Yu. Mann: "...the tragic event really did take place: the manuscript was destroyed. However, this event should not be interpreted statically, in the manner of a questionnaire (yes—no, happened—not happened) but proceeding from the general logic of Gogol's creative life and its tragic finale."

M. Odesskaya: "Tolstoy's treatise, written after his spiritual crisis of the 1880s, conveyed the writer's personal doubts, his religious and moral vacillations, and his search for positive ethical ideals that ...

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