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V. Polterovich: "... the current crisis was caused by a combination of two factors. First, a significant decline in the efficiency of the flow of technological innovations due to the fact that current GPTs—computers and the Internet—have largely exhausted their possibilities as engines of economic growth while new GPTs are slow in coming and are still not ready to assume this role. And second, the formation of implicit faith in continuous technological progress, sustained by the long preceding period of rapid growth and by stock market mechanisms."

V. Danilov-Danilyan: "We do not call for putting an end to the entertainment industry or the market of derivative securities. Though calls for such actions may be heard now and again, they cannot be carried out and do not meet the goals for which they are suggested. But it is necessary to find measures to mitigate (and ultimately eliminate) the negative aftermaths of activities in the sphere of virtual finances and in the entertainment industry for the sake of the development of human civilization."

R. Simonyan, T. Kochegarova: "The doctrine about occupation adopted in the Baltic countries provides legal grounds for solving some practical as well as political and ideological problems. It justifies the discrimination of hundreds of thousands of permanent residents in these countries (bans on holding certain positions, on voting in parliamentary elections in Estonia, and even in local elections in Latvia), and raises the question about financial claims to Russia."

Ye. Prikazchikova: "The bibliophilic myth about the exceptional influence of books on people's moral and aesthetic self-consciousness and development was one of the central cultural myths in the epoch of the Enlightenment. In those days it was largely based on people's unquestionable faith in the power of the word seen as capable of creating the new Cosmos for the ideal people of the future."

V. Polonsky: "In a situation of the post-Soviet civilizational dislocation Russian ...

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