Author: Vladimir Luzyanin

Vladimir Luzyanin, president/chairman of the board, Hydromash JSC

The calendar has swiftly counted five years since the 200th anniversary of Hydromash, a company of Nizhny Novgorod. Over the time, the aircraft manufacturers faced far from best changes. Nevertheless, Hydromash’s key focus areas haven’t changed. Stable operation and further development are the company’s main priorities today. The rightly chosen strategy and elaborate tactics help it successfully resist the crisis, by channeling the energy of changes into a positive way.

Relying on its vast experience in aircraft engineering gained over more than 70 years, Hydromash is a leader in landing gear production in Russia and actively develops partnership relations with foreign aircraft manufacturers.

At present, the company intensively cooperates with leading aircraft manufacturers in Germany, Austria, Britain, and France, supplying its products for Airbus and Embraer aircraft, manufactures land gear components for Embraer 135/145, 170/175, 190/195, Global Express aircraft; Agusta AB 139 helicopter. It annually provides Airbus A318/319, A320/321, A330/340 production aircraft with titanium parts, and remains Russia’s sole supplier of titanium blocks for the spoiler control system of the Airbus A380, world’s biggest airliner. As a result of Airbus’ audit, Hydromash is a Liebherr’s partner in the construction project for the new Airbus A350XWB long-haul aircraft.

The development of the MS-21 short-/medium-haul passenger aircraft is currently one of the top priority programs for Hydromash. In March 2009 the company submitted its proposal concerning the design, development and delivery of an integrated landing gear system to the MS-21 Supplier Selection Committee, which was found meeting all requirements and selected as best.

At MAKS 2009 Moscow Air Show, the Irkut Corporation and Hydromash signed an agreement of intent, under which the company was determined prime contractor for the MS-21’s integrated landing gear. Currently the parties are jointly concretizing and elaborating all basic requirements for units and sharing their risks and responsibilities. Hydromash is going to develop new ...

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