"...I would like to make five points. Firstly, it is clear that the informational and technological revolution is changing everything. It is changing the world economy but it is also changing the political system. It is transforming the nature of states and the nature of interstate relations. Nevertheless, the state remains the core of the international system. This is a very important point.

My second point is that we need strong but renovated states which are able to adjust according to the changes we are talking about. And that, of course, is a difficult task because if states are not able to adjust to the new realities, then they could impede the adjustment not only of the states themselves but of the international system as well. Also, there are new sorts of political units. The nation-state itself is a relatively recent construction by historical standards because it started in 15th century and maybe in a hundred years from now we will have political units substantially different from states, even if states continue to play a role. And the European Union by the way may be regarded as a formal laboratory for the emergence of new political units. So, we need strong states, renovated, efficient but also states which are able to deal and to work with other stake holders, sectoral NGOs, but also economic organizations, firms, enterprises, etc. In many governmental issues, states must cooperate with non-state actors. But only powerful and efficient states can do that in a proper way.

My third point is that even though some of us thought that the international system was more or else chaotic; nevertheless there are signs of a new structure coming up. This structure can be summarized in 3 words -multipolar, heterogeneous, and global. Multipolar means what it actually means. The number of poles depends on the sphere in question. The poles in the political military ...

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