Philosophy of War: Structure, Tasks, Functions


Col. G.P. OTYUTSKY (Ret.), Doctor of Philosophy

ABSTRACT. The article deals with the philosophy of war as an independent field of philosophical research.

KEYWORDS: philosophy, war, philosophy of war, structure, tasks, functions.

Gennady P. OTYUTSKY was born on August 7, 1948, in Khabarovsk in the family of a military officer. in 1971 he graduated from the Perm Higher Military Command and Engineering School of the Rocket Forces , and in 1978 – from the Lenin Military Political Academy. in 1978 he became a senior teacher, assistant head of a chair at the Stavropol Higher Military Command Engineering School of Communications. From 1988 until 1998 he was the head of the chair of humanities at the Krasnodar Higher Military Command Engineering School of the Rocket Forces. After retirement in 1998 he taught at the Military University of the Ministry of defense of Russian Federation and Military University of Radiation, Chemical and Biological defense. At present he is a professor at the social philosophy chair of the Russian State Social University and a professor at the Military Air Force Academy named after N.E. Zhukovsky and Yu.A. Gagarin.

Continuing the examination of the problems of elaborating the philosophy of war,1 it would be necessary to emphasize that one of the most timely tasks in elaborating the philosophy of war is the “methodological selection” of adequate theories and concepts of contemporary philosophy and the construction of an integral and interconnected philosophical and methodological conception on the basis of these principles. The role and significance of the approach to elaborating the philosophy of war outlined in the previous article are largely determined by the comprehensive-integrated and interdisciplinary character of the theoretical foundations and essence of military science per se.

With such an approach the structure of the philosophy of war appears to be similar to the general structure of philosophy together with its traditional branch-

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es: ontology, ...

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