• "Social Sciences"
  • Date:01-01-2000(SSC-No.001)
  • Size:3,323 Kb.
  • Pages 1-2
  • Words: 522

In This Issue

N. Moiseyev: "... society will succeed in ensuring the regime of co-evolution with the biosphere if mankind's activity does not permit ... a transition of the biosphere into a new channel of evolution..."

D. Lvov: "Today, the technology of making responsible state decisions lack such an important link as social and scientific expertise. In order to restore that link it would be expedient to establish... that neither large-scale project... of the socioeconomic policy can be adopted without a scientific expertise."

A. Kiva: "... the nearest future can nevertheless bring optimistic results to us. The advantage of the new Russia as against the former USSR is already that we have the democratic Constitution which allows us to change the power and political course as well."

Yu. Levada: "It seems that Russian society in civilizational terms has overgrown such a means of getting out of social discontent as the 'Russian riot' (which could be encountered in old national history rather seldom, too, more likely as a peripheral phenomenon). At the same time, Russian society has not grown up to modern forms of organized social movements."

V. Kantor: "... a call for realistic understanding of life is not the invention of the classical Russian literature, but one of the fundamental precepts of Christianity as a leading factor of European development, that has been assimilated and absorbed by the great Russian culture."

S. Waiman: "Chekhov's characters do not always strive to be heard here and now, subconsciously they long for a distant partner. They knock on the door to the future and impatiently expect a sympathetic response today."

V. Lyakhu: "... we have no idea how exactly Dostoyevsky worked with the Bible, but one thing is certain: he used it not only to quench his spiritual needs but also in his special creative aims."

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