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  • Date:01-01-2000(SSC-No.001)
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Logic of Dynamic Systems and Development of Nature and Society

To understand any complex phenomenon, it is necessary to give it different interpretations, that is to view it from different angles. This assertion becomes the more justified the more complex the phenomenon. I shall attempt to present a panorama which is usually referred to as a "picture of the world" from the positions of a student of complicated dynamic systems. This angle permits to examine a number of connections which transform apparently heterogeneous processes and phenomena into an integral whole, to unite through a common language processes occurring in inanimate matter, living substance and society, that is, in that sphere of the Universe where Reason is asserting. This position also has an applied significance in that it allows seeing what is happening today in the context of a single process of development.

The entire surrounding world, that is, all that is accessible to our observation and, according to Niels Bohr, can be regarded as really existing, represents a system in the classic understanding of this term: all its elements are connected by numerous interactions. This assertion, in the terminology of Vladimir Vernadsky is an empirical generalization. We shall agree to call this world, accessible to our observation, the Universe. Everything that lies outside it cannot be regarded as existing. It is the kingdom of faith, and the world of faith is outside science and practical experience. So, I shall not speak here about the world of faith.

The Universe is a dynamic system that changes in time. These changes occur for internal reasons and laws inherent in the system; there exist no external causes for change in the system's condition. This assertion is also an empirical generalization. On its basis we may assume that the Universe is a self-organizing system. Its components may also be regarded as systems in their own right. Their isolation for independent investigation is a subjective act of the observer and is

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