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  • Date:01-01-2000(SSC-No.001)
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Russia: The New Stage of Neoliberal Reforms. Social and Sociopolitical Situation in the First Half of 1997.
V. Davydchenkov

[Edited by G. Osipov (head), V. Levashov, V. Lokosov]. The Institute of Socio-Political Studies of RAS. Moscow, Respublika, 1997. 367 pp.

The Institute of Socio-Political Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ISPS RAS) has been tracing the main features and tendencies of the social and socio-political development of Russia for nine years and offers scientifically grounded approaches to the solution of present-day problems.

The merit of the book under review is in the system approach to the consideration of socio- political phenomena. The study of society is being carried out both in the aforesaid sphere and in the area of economic and spiritual relations.

Analyzing the socio-political situation in Russia the researchers point out a number of essentially new features: the further redistribution of state property (being of strategic importance for the country) is under way but this time it is being carried out for the benefit of new financial groupings, of new political elites opposing on the whole their own interests against the interests of the state and the majority of the population of the country; the tax policy is becoming stricter, mainly in the budget sphere, which inevitably leads to the mass impoverishment of the workers of social sphere (education, science, culture, etc.) and also to the bankruptcy of small and middle businessmen.

The data of the sociological monitoring of the ISPS RAS testify to that the way back to the totalitarian past is as unacceptable for the people as the way towards the construction of the "capitalist future". The authors stress that the people are ready to resist the return to the dictatorship with the deindividualized world and punitive system. But the civil society cannot put up with the fall of living standards and the quality of life, the degradation of industrial and agricultural

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production, the destruction of science and culture, the loss of the international positions of the country.

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