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A History of Russian America, 1732-1867, in 3 volumes.



Vol. 1, The Foundation of Russian America, 1732-1799, Moscow, Mezhdunarodnyie otnoshenia, 1997, 479p.

Russian and foreign historiography has recently been enhanced by a major work a comprehensive treatise on the history of Russian America written by a group of scientists headed by academician N.Bolkhovitinov. The attention this problem still enjoys is quite natural for it has not been sufficiently studied yet and the papers that have been published on the subject until now are rather biased. Moreover, the problems related to the history of Russian-American relations in the 18th-19th centuries have not lost importance to this day.

The authors of the aforesaid book used a good number of original documents and sources, which is one of the strongest points of the book. It mirrors numerous documents from the Russian Imperial Foreign Policy Archives, from the Russian State Archives of Ancient Acts, the Russian State Naval Archives, the Russian State Historical Archives, from the Manuscript Department of the Russian National Library, as well as from the US National Archives the US National Archives, the Congress Library, the Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston, the Bancroft Liabrary, Berkeley, and from many others, such as the Central Archives in Ottawa and the archives of Manitoba province in Winnipeg, both in Canada, from the Archives of the Foreign Office in London, from the National Library in Paris, from the Archives of the Indies in Seville and from the National Historical Archives in Madrid, both in Spain, to mention but a few. We must also point to collections of documents, memories of travelers, testimonies of the then living personalities who witnessed the events referred to in the book, writings of Russian Orthodox missionaries, Alaska cartographic sources, various manuals, guides and reference books.

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