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VIEWS AND OPINIONS. The Balkan Crisis: Causes and Consequences

Author: Vladimir PASTUKHOV

Ideas about possible consequences of the Balkan crisis for Russia and for the world may deeply differ depending on how profoundly the nature of this conflict is understood. The Balkan war broke out at the meeting point of two global contradictions characterizing the contemporary world. One is a contradiction between the ethnic diversity of contemporary society and the territorial form of its political organization. The other is between the globalization of the international relations and the sovereign form of organization of the international community.

The conflict between ethnos and the state is as ancient as the world. Frequently, the relations between them are seen as relations between two corporate bodies. Therefore, the two sides need to be compelled to a dialogue to settle the conflict. The preparedness for a dialogue is stimulated while intractability is punished. Unfortunately, such an attitude is too primitive and has nothing to do with reality. Practical actions based on these premises are doomed to failure.

Qualitatively, the political state and ethnos are so unrelated that we can only speak of a dialogue between them in the same way as about a collision between, let us say, an asteroid and radio waves. Ethnos is the prime form of social organization based, in the long run, on consanguinity. The political state is the final-in this day, at least-point of evolution of the territory based social organization. From the philosophical point of view, the political state is the complete overcoming, "dialectical removal" of ethnos. Ideally, they should never come across each other. But life is something very distant from the ideal and so it sentences the political state and ethnos to an existence which is in no way pacific.

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