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(Herald of the Russian Academy of Sciences)

No. 5, 2000

V. Yanin. " Gaping Heights" of Academician Fomenko.

V. Zharikov et al. Integration in Action.

What Kind of Russia Does the World Community Need? A Talk with Academician N.A. Simoniya, Academic Secretary of the Academy's Division of International Relations.

E. Kharadze, Sh. Sabashvili. Once Again about the Beginning of the Third Millennium.

G. Zavarzin. The Non-Darwinian Domain of Evolution.

L. Kisilev. Human Genome and Biology of the 21st Century.

P. Simonov. Ukhtomsky's Dominant. To the 125th Birth Anniversary of Academician A. Ukhtomsky.

V. Lishevsky. The Pride of Russia. To the 150th Birth Anniversary of S.V. Kovalevskaya.

E. Chelyshev. Among Stars of the First Magnitude.

V. Shorin, Yu. Lazarev. The Samara Science Center is Ten Years.

G. Anokhin. Toward the North Pole by a Balloon.

No. 6, 2000

V. Ginzburg, V. Kuvakin. International Humanist Movement and "Manifesto 2000".

A. Yakovlev. Russia's Contemporary History of the 20th Century in Documents: Experience of Historiographic Study.

Yu. Platov, B. Sokolov. The Study of Unidentified Flying Objects in the Soviet Union.

V. Korelsky. Is It Possible to Save the Country's Fishery?

V. Beletsky. M.L. Lidov: Scholar and Personality.

A. Sedov. Metaphors in Genetics.

V. Sobolev. The Academy of Sciences and the Regional Studies Movement.

M. Ilgamov, M. Saitova. Academic Science of Bashkortostan.

No. 7, 2000

N. Karlov, N. Kudryavtsev. On the History of Elite Engineering Education.

B. Sokolov. From Origins of the Russian Mining Department to Contemporary Paleontology.

L. Polezhaev. Regeneration Factors of Nonregenerating Organs and Tissues.

L. Popyrin. Natural and Anthropogenic Accidents in Heat-Supply Systems.

I. Gitelzon et al. Distant Space: People or Robots?

Kh. Dumanov, A. Pershits. Matriarchy: A New View of the Old Problem.

V. Maslov. T. Masaryk's Role in the Attempt of Restoration of Legitimately Elected Government in Russia. To the 150th Birth Anniversary of Czechoslovakia's First President.

G. Smagina. The Academy of Sciences and Development of Education in Russia in the 18th Century.

U. Chashchikhin. Arguments Against A.T. Fomenko's "New Chronology".


(Problems of History)

No. 6, 2000

Reports of L.K. Kumanin from the "Ministerial Hall" of the State Duma, December 1911- February 1917.

M. Dolbilov. The Estate Program of the Noble "Oligarchs", 1850 -1860s.

B. Zhelitski. The General Crisis of "Real Socialism" and Democratic Reforms in Hungary.

B. Petelin. Franz Josef Strauss.

S. Veselovsky. The Diaries of 1915-1923, 1944s.

I. Pozdeeva. Liturgical Text as a Historical Source.

A. Murashev. Descendant of the Negro of Peter the Great.

No. 7, 2000

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